PERMA-SNOW® Artificial Ski Slope System

PERMA-SNOW® has been designed from the ground up as a complete system for skiing, snow boarding or snow-tubing. The top ski surface construction in PBT (Polybutyleneterephthalate) is known for its slide properties giving you less friction and a lot more speed. The loop pile construction not only makes PERMA-SNOW® a unique artificial snow surface but it also provides added cushioning. The multi-weave design provides important ‘edge’ in all directions.

Built with safety in mind

No sharp edges or exposed metal on the surface. No holes to get fingers caught. A padded underlay for a softer, cushioned fall.

Easy to install

The system is quick and easy to install with your own trained labour. No expensive contractor fees.

Tried and tested

PERMA-SNOW® is manufactured from materials able to withstand the tough environment in which it has to survive.

Cheaper to run

Initial investment in the PERMA-SNOW® system is very competitive and ongoing costs are dramatically reduced.

“I chose Perma-Snow for installation of a snow-tube zone at Alice Springs Golf Club after comparing the performance of Perma-Snow against other leading brands. I like the fact that it out performed the other material in slide properties and can easily be installed and maintained with our own labour”

Graham Price


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