SKITECH™ Diamond Bristle Mats

Used Worldwide our SKITECH™ Diamond Bristle mats have been manufactured in Newport, South Wales since 1986.  SKITECH™ Diamond Bristle mats are suitable for nursery, intermediate and main slopes and can be produced in a number of colours including green to adhere to planning conditions. It is long lasting, hard wearing and structurally strong. It is also suitable as tow tracks, lift entrance, exits and other high usage areas.

The Established Artificial Ski Slope Surface

Installed in dry ski centres around the world  Manufactured to industry standard size

Over 20 years of proven use

Surface filament – PVC or PBT

Backing – galvanised or stainless steel  

Colours – White, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow

Racing – the preferred surface of UK race clubs 

We can advise on your exact requirements.